Target Archery


Amendments will be issued at each county meeting throughout the year and a new updated copy will be issued at the next county AGM, when certificates will be presented to new record holders.

Please fill in a Target Record Claim Form and attach a signed score or tournament result sheet (photocopies acceptable) for each record claim. Please also ensure that your classification prior to the shoot does not exceed that listed in the “class” column alongside round being claimed.

Records at county level are intended to encourage archers of all standards and the above ensures that records are attainable to all.

If a double round is shot on one day then the second round cannot count for a single record and a claim for a double round must exceed the current single record.

Please ensure that all record claims are submitted at least two weeks prior to each county meeting and note that if a new claim was shot prior to the existing record then no certificate will be given.

Thank You.

Up-to-date lists of records for the various rounds can be downloaded from the County Target Records page.