County meetings are held on the first Wednesday of March, June, September(AGM), and December.
The next County meeting (AGM) will be held on Wednesday, 5th September 2018, at The White Lion, Pwll-Trap, at 7:30pm.

It is important that ALL Dyfed clubs are represented at these meetings.

Please endeavour to have a representative from
your club at every meeting.


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2018 Cymric Archers Indoor Championships

UK Record Status Portsmouth & Double Portsmouth Rounds

Saturday 27th October 2018

Entry Form

2018 Red Kite Field Archers Summer "Have-A-Go" Shoot

Round: FITA, 6 Marked and 6 Unmarked

Sunday 16th September 2018

Entry Form

2018 Dyfed Archery Association Outdoor Championships

UK Record Status WA 1440, Metrics I-V, & Short Metrics I-V

Sunday 1st July 2018


2018 Cymric Archers Outdoor Championships

World Record Status WA 1440 & Metrics I-V

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June 2018


2018 The Castle Archers Worcester Shoot

UK Record Status Worcester, Double Worcester

Sunday 18th March 2018


2018 Red Kite Field Archers Spring "Have-A-Go" Shoot

Round: FITA 12 Marked and 6 Unmarked

Sunday 18th March 2018

Entry Form

2018 The Castle Archers Vegas Shoot

UK Record Status Vegas, Double Vegas

Sunday 18th February 2018


2018 DAA Indoor & Open Championships

Welsh Record Status Portsmouth

Sunday 11th February 2018


2018 The Castle Archers WA 18m Shoot

UK Record Status WA 18m

Sunday 21st January 2018



Note to all Dyfed club members:

Please take a moment to register your details on the WAA website. There is a members' area with personal details that everyone should check.


Dyfed Field Archers

Please read the item on the Field Archery section of this web site for an update on record keeping.


The Dyfed Archery Squad was established in October 2010. It consists of adult and junior archers who are keen to shoot for their county and who are willing to be considered for a place on the Dyfed team to compete at the Inter-county Championships every September. There are four training days every year, two indoors and two outdoors. The aim of the squad is to provide archers with high quality coaching to help them improve their technical and psychological skills and therefore facilitate better performance in competition.
With the quality of coaching on offer to the squad members, it also provides an excellent pathway for archers keen to reach the level required to shoot on the Welsh and British squads. The feedback thus far has been positive and encouraging.
If you are interested in being considered for a place on the squad please contact the squad manager, Reinar Kalmaru.


County Records

The page dealing with County Records for Target archers has been updated. There is a complete list of current records together with the relevant names and dates. Please follow the link from the navigation table on the left. There is also a copy of the claims form which can be downloaded for all new target claims.